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Water & Dry Slides Jumpers
Price shown is generally for an 7 hour rental period, please select delivery and pickup times accordingly. Select a delivery time at least 1 hour before your event start time.It is the customers responsibility to measure the setup location to make sure rented product will fit. Cancellations must be done within 72 hours before the rental date or else a cancellation fee up to the entire rental amount may apply. Exceptions are made for cancellations on Rainy or Inclement weather days, please check Rain Policy for more information. No Stairs Allowed to the setup location, order will be cancelled and a cancellation fee will be applied if there are any steps. A regular Water/Garden Hose and continuous water supply is required (not provided by Jumpzone Party Rentals) to the setup location.
Jumper Name: Double Drop Dry Slide 
Dimensions: 36L x 13W x 19H
Price: $249.00

Jumper Name: Tropical Water Slide
Dimensions: 15"W x 37L H22
Price: $339.00

Jumper Name: Dual lane Module combo w/pool 
Dimensions: 13"W x 34"L  x 15" H
Price: $195
Jumper Name:  Tropical fiesta breeze Water Slide
Dimensions: 14"W x 31"L  x 18" H
Price: $299.00

Marble Tropical Curve Waters slide 
36L x 16W x 19H  Price $299.00
Jumper Name: Double Drop Water Slide 
Dimensions: 36L x 13W x 19H
Price: $299.00

Jumper Name: Tropical Dry Slide
Dimensions: 15"W x 37L H22
Price: $299.00

Jumper Name: Dual Lane Water Slide
Dimensions: 15"W x "L38 "H19
Price: $299.00

Jumper Name: Dolphin Water Slide
Dimensions: 12"W x 24"L xFT
Price: $200

Jumper Name: Dual Lane Dolphin Combo w/ Pool
Dimensions: 15"W x 15"Hx 34 'L
Price: $195

Name: Double Drop Combo w/ Pool
 21" W x 14"H x "23 L 
Price: $199.00
Jumper Name: Tropical Double Drop Water Combo
Dimensions: 23L x 20W x 15H
Price: $199.00

Jumper Name: Fire and Ice Dual Lane Water Slide
Dimensions: 15"W x 39"L x 22" H
Price: $379.00
Jumper Name: Dual Lane Dry Slide
Dimensions: 15"W x "L32 "H19
Price: $275.00

Jumper Name: volcano  water slide
Dimensions: 12"W x 24"L x 16" H
Price: $180

Jumper Name: Dual Lane Choo-choo Train
Combo w/ pool
Dimensions: 15"W x 15"Hx 34 'L
Price: $195