Glassware / Wine glass: for table, bar, water glass etc. We offer you a big selection

of glassware to reserve call us at (714) 270-8276 or contact us.

Bar Standard
Champagne Flute 6oz Price: $0.75
Wine Glass 8.5oz Price: $0.42
Wine Glass Price: 10.5oz Price:  $0.50
Water goblet Price: 14oz Price: $0.50
Hi Ball 10oz Price: $0.45
Old Fahion 12oz Price: $0.45
Pilsner glass 12oz Price: $0.50
Irish Coffee Mug Price: $0.62
Brandy sNIFTER 11.oz Price: $0.75
Martini glass 9.5oz Price: $0.80
Shot Glass 9.5oz Price: $0.55
Margarita Price: $0.75
Madison Line 
Madison Champagne 6oz Price: $1.00
Madison Water/Wine 21oz Price: $1.00
Madison Wine 12.25 oz Price: $1.00
Beverage Pitcher-60oz Price: $4.50
Glass Wine Carafe 1 Liter Price: $3.75
Punch bowl Glass 8qt w/ladle Price: $15.00
Crystal Punch ladle 12" Price: $1.50
Salt & Pepper shaker Price: $2.50

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